Belgian League Country Finals – Match 1

In the Belgian League Country Finals the four teams of the past two splits duke it out for a grand prize of €5000 and the title of Country Finals Champion! Sector One and KVM Esports were the first two teams to play with the winner of their match moving on to the Grand Final. The loser would have to play another game in the semi-final against the winner of Aethra Esports versus RSCA Esports.

Game 1

Both teams took things slow in the early game without any unnecessary risks. It was Sector One that stepped up first with a First Blood through top laner Phoenix, but KVM Esports found an advantage in the bot lane in response leading to an early Dragon. Sector One raised the pressure which led to them picking up a Dragon themselves. KVM Esports kept finding kills through the Ashe of Rechter and held a gold lead, which they turned into a Baron after finding some more kills. They kept pressuring Sector One in all lanes and put themselves on Soul Point, before starting the dance around Baron. After finding two quick kills, KVM Esports picked off the remaining members of Sector One and had enough time to end the game, going 1-0 up.

Game 2

KVM Esports went looking for an early advantage in the bot lane and found it, while mid laner Night found two kills himself for Sector One. It was Sector One who kept finding picks throughout the game, securing a gold lead, aided by the Zoe pick of Night. Jungler Dibu found a pentakill on his Lee Sin, laying waste to the team of KVM Esports leading to a Sector One Baron. The Baron didn’t last long however, because KVM Esports aced Sector One shortly after, giving them some breathing room. Thanks to a flank by Phoenix on Ornn, Sector One found the opening they needed to bring an end to the match. Sector One put the series back on a level playing field, 1-1.

Game 3

Despite an early kill from Robba on Sion, gold remained about the same for both teams. Sector One secured the first Dragon and Rift Herald after 10 minutes of play, leading to a 1000 gold advantage. Sector One lost their lead after being caught out, which gave KVM Esports three kills and the next Dragon. Mid laner Night then found an opportunity with his Ryze, picking up three kills for Sector One until KVM Esports was able to counter with three kills of their own through Robba, who had an amazing performance on Sion. Meanwhile, Sumi’s Kassadin looked more and more dangerous and became a ticking clock for Sector One. Sector One managed to secure the Baron but lost three players to KVM Esports in the process. Things didn’t last long after that as Sumi found a Quadra Kill with his unleashed Kassadin, putting KVM Esports on match point.

Game 4

A lot of action in game 4 early on with a fight in the jungle, resulting in a kill for both mid laners. KVM Esports once again saw Rechter and Duimelot step up in the bot lane, finding a big lead and picking up the first Dragon. Due to great macro play and strategically sound positioning KVM Esports kept cranking up their gold lead, eventually finding four kills on Sector One in a fight around Dragon. With a 5000 gold lead in their pocket they also secured Baron. KVM Esports looked for the final teamfight which they eventually found, with devastating results for Sector One. KVM Esports destroys the Nexus and becomes the first Country Finals Grand Finals participant, pulling an amazing upset in defeating Sector One.