Belgian League Country Finals – Match 2

In the Belgian League Country Finals the four teams of the past two splits duke it out for a grand prize of €5000 and the title of Country Finals Champion! In the second match of the Belgian League Country Finals Aethra Esports took on RSCA Esports in a battle for a spot in the semi-finals. The loser of the series would go home, so the stakes were high.

Game 1

RSCA Esports found a first kill on Mikkel, but when they dove the turret in the bot side they overcommitted and lost four players to Aethra Esports, resulting in a big gold lead for the latter. RSCA found themselves back in the game after picking up two kills in the mid lane but Aethra secured the first Dragon. RSCA Esports kept a slight gold lead but Aethra Esports put themselves on Soul Point, focussing on objectives and their better scaling in their composition. After a devastating fight the Infernal Soul went to Aethra, who lost a fight around Baron shortly after. No problem for Goksi on Graves, who stole away the Baron, and after a final fight Elder Dragon also went in Aethra’s pocket and they were free to destroy the base of RSCA Esports. Aethra Esports goes one game up.

Game 2

Aethra Esports held an early gold lead and found two kills through Mikkel on Irelia, picking up the first Dragon as a result. For Aethra kills were found on Mikkel and Bardo (Pyke), while RSCA Esports hung on through their bot lane in Saitam’s Swain. Gameplay turned completely chaotic as RSCA denied Aethra Soul Point but lost two players in the process, with lots of smaller fights in between. Aethra gave up the second dragon to start a fight in the top lane, where they walked away with an ace. As the next Dragon spawned Aethra Esports found yet another ace resulting in a Baron and Soul Point. RSCA Esports was unable to defend their nexus as Aethra Esports reached match point.

Game 3

Once again Aethra Esports found an early advantage in the mid and bot lane. Mikkel once again looked strong, this time on a Lucian, getting ahead over Taz’ Annie pick. The second Dragon also went to Aethra who punished the gap in the mid lane as they kept building their lead. Aethra found more and more fights which they kept winning as they secured Baron and the Infernal Soul. Mikkel got extremely fed on his Lucian, leaving RSCA Esports with almost no options. After finding one last Ace in the top lane, Aethra Esports secured their third victory and they move on to the semi-finals. There they’ll meet Sector One who they’ll battle for a Grand Final spot.