Belgian League Finals Recap & Highlights

It was Sector One that was able to beat out Timeout Esports in the final series of the Belgian League and that became the Spring Split Champion. The game ended with a 3-0 score in games for Sector One, but they did have some difficulty against a resilient Timeout Esports.

In the first game of the series we saw Slyv3r of Timeout Esports pick up a Heimerdinger (this time in the mid lane for a change), while Drawleks opted for a Taric support. Valyrian chose an Olaf in the jungle and Tobio Rapido was put on a Shen in the top lane. Dragflick switched to bot lane with a surprising Pyke pick. Sector One put Dibu on Lee Sin in the jungle, with a Caitlyn-Karma bot lane. Night picked Ziggs in the mid lane, while Phoenix rounded out the composition with an Aatrox top. Things went wrong early for Timeout Esports after Dibu found a kill on an invading Valyrian. Timeout Esports kept looking for the fights which didn’t go their way most of the time. Sector One was able to keep snowballing and their lead eventually became bigger than 10.000 gold at the twenty minute mark. After two one-sided fights Sector One sieged the base of Timeout Esports and secured the first win in the series.

Sector One once again picked up a Lee Sin for the second game and we saw Practice on Caitlyn once more. Night picked Syndra in the mid lane. Saviour picked up a Janna and Phoenix was put on Aatrox again. Timeout Esports picked up some surprising champions. Valyrian opted for a Master Yi jungle, with a Varus-Zilean bot lane. Tobio Rapido played Lulu top and Dragflick played Veigar mid. The game stayed pretty even thanks to Sector One making some uncharacteristic mistakes, even giving up the first Elder Dragon. Sector One was able to tough out a fed Master Yi and killed the second Elder Dragon, which they used to end the game. A much more hectic match than we’re used to from Sector One, with Timeout Esports putting up a fight.

In the third game Timeout Esports tried their Pyke-Taric tactic once more. Valyrian opted for a Nocturne jungle, with Slyv3r on Ziggs in the mid lane. An Ornn top finished the composition. Sector One chose a Kai’Sa-Rakan bot lane with Night on Syndra in the mid lane. Dibu picked up Lee Sin for the third time in the series and Phoenix played Mordekaiser top. It was Timeout Esports that took a strong start and that put Sector One on the defensive. It even looked like Timeout Esports would go on to win the match, as both Night and Practice struggled to get going. However, thanks to strong performances from Phoenix and Dibu Sector One managed to turn it around. After a won teamfight in the top lane the base of Timeout Esports was wide open. Sector One didn’t hesitate and ended the game, becoming the first Belgian League Spring Split Champions!