Belgian League Playoffs Recap & Highlights

Play-off Match 1

In our first play-off match in the Belgian league number one ranked team Sector One took on the number two ranked team, Timeout Esports. Both teams looked strong during the regular season, but Sector One went undefeated and entered the first play-off match as the undisputed favorite.

Timeout Esports opted to approach the first game more defensively. They picked up Senna, Tahm Kench, Sett, Sejuani and Shen, which resulted in a fairly safe composition that lacked damage. Damage was something Sector One didn’t lack, with Night on Qiyana and Dibu on Elise. In the early game both teams managed to keep things balanced until the Sector One bot lane Practice and Saviour picked up a sizeable lead. They used that lead to wreak havoc in other lanes, snowballing the game out of control. Sector One wins the first game.

In the second game Timeout Esports once again picked up a Senna, this time with a Taric next to it. Sector One opted for a Ryze on Night, who managed to pick up three kills early. Especially Dibu showed how much impact he has on these games for Sector One with a strong performance on the Lee Sin. Sector One once again secured a lead and ended the game fast and controlled, landing them a spot in the finals.

Play-off Match 2

KVM Esports managed to make play-offs after a strong performance towards the end of the season, while RSCA Esports was able to secure its third place earlier in the season. The winner of their match would go on to face Timeout Esports for a spot in the finals.

RSCA Esports was gifted the Ornn and also opted for a Yasuo in the mid lane and a Gragas in the jungle. A Senna and Tahm Kench rounded out the bot lane. KVM Esports picked Sett top lane and put a Zac in the jungle, with Dreamzyy playing Diana in the mid lane. In the bot lane we saw a Tristana-Leona pair. It was the Yasuo of mid laner Taz that picked up an early lead with the help of jungler Findus. The game itself was messy, but thanks to a disastrous fight in the mid lane KVM Esports gave RSCA Esports the opportunity to lay siege to their base. RSCA Esports picked up their first win, while KVM Esports seemed to have lost their positive momentum.

In the second game KVM Esports again opted for Tristana-Leona in the bot lane, this time with a Gragas jungle. With an Irelia mid lane and Trundle top lane KVM Esports held a pretty aggressive composition. RSCA Esports uncharacteristically slowed things down with a Senna and Tahm Kench bot lane, with Findus on Jarvan IV to facilitate early pressure. In the first stages of play no team was able to secure a lead, but after a big fight for the Rift Herald it was once again RSCA Esports that pulled ahead. Through jungler Findus RSCA Esports kept finding great engages and fights as they were eventually able to close out the game. A strong looking RSCA Esports would take on Timeout Esports in play-off match 3, while the journey of KVM Esports was over.

Play-off Match 3

The duel between Timeout Esports and RSCA Esports was an important one for both, as the winner would be able to take on the undefeated Sector One in the final. The loser of the match would be out of contention.

In the first game both teams looked more towards comfort picks. RSCA Esports opted for a Jarvan IV for Findus while Keabambi picked up his Kled. Timeout Esports put Slyv3r on the Heimerdinger but also surprised many by a mid Kalista pick for Dragflick. The game itself was mostly a stalemate, with Timeout Esports being stronger in lane, but RSCA Esports winning more of the fights and skirmishes. It wasn’t until minute 40 that Timeout Esports cleverly split the map, forcing RSCA Esports to split up as well. That way they were able to enter their base to ultimately end the game.

RSCA Esports didn’t change up their composition a lot for the second game, with the exception of a Gragas jungle and Trundle support. For Timeout Esports we saw Dragflick on the trusted LeBlanc, while Valyrian took Olaf to the jungle. Slyv3r once again chose Heimerdinger with Drawleks on Zilean next to him. It was RSCA Esports that found early kill, but the teams found themselves in the same scenario as the previous game. RSCA found more kills and won more fights, but Timeout Esports secured more objectives and looked stronger in lane. Ultimately it was a fight around Baron that swung the game in Timeout Esports’ favor, allowing them to pick up one more Dragon before ending the game. Timeout Esports wins and can look forward to a rematch against Sector One on Monday.