Belgian League Week 1 Recap & Highlights

The Belgian League has kicked off and the first four matches are in the books. Both Brussels Guardians and Sector One had two matches to play, with the former taking on RSCA Esports and KVM Esports, while the latter took on Timeout Esports and Aethra Esports. The matchup between Sector One and Aethra Esports was our featured match of the evening.

Brussels Guardians and RSCA Esports played the first game of the evening, with RSCA Esports coming out on top. An early gank in the bot lane by Findus kicked things into high gear, getting Anderlecht ahead. With a combination of great teamfighting and a standout performance by bot laner Saitam on Miss Fortune, RSCA Esports managed to secure their first win.

Up next Timeout Esports took on Sector One. In the end Sector One turned out to be the stronger team and they secured their first victory, but Timeout Esports never went down without a fight. They held a (small) gold lead throughout the game but Sector One focused on early objectives and macro play which eventually helped them win out in important fights. Sector One managed to secure Baron after a strong teamfight, allowing them to eventually end the game.

Brussels Guardians had a chance to bounce back against KVM Esports in the third game of the evening. They would take that chance as they defeated KVM Esports in convincing fashion. They drafted a team comp with great synergy, came out ahead in smaller fights, took objectives and eventually secured the win after a devastating teamfight around the Dragon pit.

In our final match of the evening Sector One took on Aethra Esports. Again Sector One managed to build up a lead by focusing on macro plays, taking objectives and smart teamfighting. After taking Baron and sieging the base, a final teamfight broke out around the Dragon pit. Mid laner Night utilized his Ryze to the fullest and made a backdoor play, ending the game.

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