Belgian League Week 2 Recap & Highlights

The second week of the Belgian League is over. Our six teams played four games again, with Timeout Esports climbing to second place with two strong victories, while KVM Esports remain scoreless at the bottom. Sector One proved themselves once again as big favourites and RSCA Esports dropped the ball, losing both of their games.

Timeout Esports came out swinging in their first match against KVM Esports. Both teams had something to prove after their first showing last week. Timeout Esports played much more dominant and, even though they improved significantly, KVM Esports was not able to keep up. It’ll be interesting to see how KVM Esports will try to bounce back after two painful losses, but there’s still more than enough room for improvement.

Up next we got to see RSCA Esports take on Aethra Esports. RSCA Esports managed to secure a strong win last week, while Aethra Esports was still in pursuit of its first victory, after falling to Sector One. Even though both teams stayed even in the early part of the game, Aethra Esports managed to build a lead and with strong teamfighting broke down RSCA Esports, improving to a 1-1 record.

Timeout Esports, who won earlier in the evening, would also go on to win their second match against Brussels Guardians. By focusing on objectives and securing the Dragon Soul they were able to overpower Brussels Guardians, showing great fundamental knowledge. Timeout improves to a 2-1 record and showed themselves as a possible contender.

Finally RSCA Esports took on Sector One in the final game of the evening. Sector One played very aggressive, forcing RSCA Esports to take a step back, which they are not used to doing, effectively beating them at their own game. By smart macro play and finding great fights Sector One was able to make RSCA Esports’ Nexus fall, improving to a 3-0 record and the number one spot on the table.

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