Belgian League Week 3 Recap & Highlights

The third week of the Belgian League had some interesting matches in store. Football clubs KVM Esports and RSCA Esports had to battle it out to see who had the better League of Legends team under its wing, while Aethra Esports took on Brussels Guardians and Timeout Esports in an effort to climb higher in the standings. Meanwhile Sector One and Timeout Esports fought to retain their strong record.

The match between KVM Esports and Sector One started off promising for the former, with Robba picking up a solo kill on Phoenix. Things eventually spiraled out of control as Night picked up multiple kills on his Qiyana by roaming effectively. A threat KVM Esports was incapable of neutralizing despite some great plays by the top and bot lane. Sector One adds another victory to their record, while KVM Esports had to keep searching for their first win.

Up next we saw Aethra Esports taking on Brussels Guardians in what eventually became a convincing win for the side of Aethra. They took control early in the game by finding a few great picks. They controlled the jungle and focused on objectives, with Brussels Guardians struggling to get back into the game. Especially mid laner Seem had a great showing. Aethra obviously found its groove and was able to look forward to an interesting matchup against Timeout Esports later that evening.

The featured matchup between KVM Esports and RSCA Esports did deliver. In a very long game both teams kept the gold lead even for almost 40 minutes, with KVM Esports picking up the Dragon Soul and looking very strong. RSCA Esports was able to win crucial teamfights and secured Baron, ultimately defeating KVM Esports and destroying their base. KVM Esports remains without a victory, while RSCA Esports evens up their record (2-2).

Aethra was not able to extend its winning streak against Timeout Esports. They fell behind in gold and Timeout Esports took over control. Ultimately Aethra seemed to be winning a fight around Dragon, but thanks to some brilliant backdoor plays by bot laner Slyv3r, TimeOut Esports took home the victory and now remains firmly in second place.

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