Belgian League Week 4 Recap & Highlights

The fourth week of the Belgian League promised some interesting matchups, especially because the Spring Split neared its halfway point. KVM Esports was still searching for their first victory, this time against Aethra Esports, while Sector One looked to stay in first place against Brussels Guardians. Finally RSCA Esports had to take on one of its biggest rivals for play-off contention, Timeout Esports.

The match between Brussels Guardians and Sector One brought no surprises. Brussels Guardians tried to deny mid laner Night a comfortable pick by banning Qiyana, but he still brought a stellar performance on the Cassiopeia, even finding a triple kill. Sector One brought the heat early and made sure Brussels Guardians couldn’t catch its breath. They won after a brief game and are still undefeated after five matches.

KVM Esports was able to surprise everybody by picking up its first victory against Aethra Esports. Especially jungler Mussiah en mid laner Dreamzyy were important factors in their victory on the Gragas and Qiyana respectively. KVM Esports continues its streak of overall improvement and with this first win, still has a chance to make play-offs.

In the final game of the evening RSCA Esports took on Timeout Esports, in a game that delivered what was expected. RSCA Esports opted for strong teamfighting and early aggression with a “protect the kog’maw” composition, while Timeout Esports chose more scaling champions. The early game stayed relatively even, but Timeout Esports eventually came out on top in teamfights. This momentum eventually gave them a Dragon Soul as well as Baron, which they used to finish the game. Timeout Esports remains firmly in second place, while RSCA Esports still struggles against more composed opponents.

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