Belgian League Week 6 Recap & Highlights

The sixth week of the Belgian League is over. Sector One and Timeout Esports are already sure of play-off participation, but for the others the play-off race is still very much on. The upcoming two weeks will prove to be crucial for the lower ranked teams.

In the first game of the evening RSCA Esports took on Sector One in what proved to be a chaotic match. Sector One was in control for most of the game, but RSCA Esports managed to show moments of brilliance thanks to jungler Findus on the Olaf. It wasn’t enough to secure a victory though, as Sector One won the game after strong performances by players such as mid laner Night (Cassiopeia) and top laner Phoenix (Sett).

Timeout Esports took on the struggling Brussels Guardians, who were looking for their first victory in four weeks. Brussels Guardians contended with Timeout Esports, who delivered a somewhat sloppier performance than we’re used to. Eventually it was Timeout Esports who pulled ahead thanks to jungler Valyrian on Olaf and bot laner Slyv3r on Veigar. Brussels Guardians keeps on struggling, while Timeout Esports already secures a play-off spot.

The match between RSCA Esports and Aethra Esports was undoubtedly the most important one of the evening, as both teams were top contenders for a play-off spot. RSCA Esports had something to prove after relatively close game against Sector One and looked to be heading towards victory. A huge mistake around Baron cost them the objective and the game however, as Aethra Esports secured the victory. Especially bot laner Lunar on Kai’Sa and jungler Kopendown on Jarvan IV had strong showings.

To close out the day, Timeout Esports took on KVM Esports. KVM Esports showed pretty good form the last few games and hoped to pull off an upset against the number two team, but wasn’t able to prevail in the end. Again, it was jungler Valyrian that made all the difference for Timeout Esports with a strong performance on Lee Sin. KVM Esports isn’t out of the play-off race and will look to secure at least one victory next week.

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