Belgian League Week 7 Recap & Highlights

Week 7 of the Belgian League was an important week for our four lowest ranking teams. Even though Timeout Esports and Sector One were already sure of a play-off spot, two other spots were still for grabs as all four teams (Aethra Esports, RSCA Esports, KVM Esports and Brussels Guardians) were still in the running.

In the first game of the day Timeout Esports took on Aethra Esports. Once again we saw both Timeout Esports and Aethra Esports play a very sloppy game, with mistakes on both sides. Tobio Rapido was allowed to play Ornn and used the pick to great effect, as he and Dragflick on Rumble were able to generate a lot of space with their engage potential. It was ultimately Timeout Esports that picked up the victory, but they’ll have to improve again if they want to take on Sector One.

KVM Esports had to win against RSCA Esports to make the most of their chances to reach a play-off spot. They were unable to do so, however. Although Dreamzyy put in a great performance on Camille, it wasn’t enough to push his teammates over the edge. For RSCA Esports we saw Saitam play a fair game on the Ezreal with Ionï’s Yuumi by his side. Taz also showed up in the mid lane with a strong Azir performance. RSCA Esports is now close to play-off participation, while KVM Esports now no longer has control over its fate.

Aethra Esports wasn’t able to bounce back against Brussels Guardians in the third game of the evening. Brussels Guardians drafted a very effective composition that Aethra greatly struggled with. Kawamel had a good game on the Ezreal together with Mirai’s Yuumi, while Shamber showed up with Karthus in the jungle. Brussels Guardians is now fully back in play-off contention, while Aethra Esports has made things more difficult for themselves.

KVM Esports didn’t have the best time against Sector One in the final game of the evening. They were utterly outdrafted as Practice and Saviour combined for a Caitlyn-Thresh bot lane against the Xayah-Yuumi of Lifeless and Flubbertje. Practice picked up 13 kills without dying once, while Night and Dibu also had strong showings on Syndra and Lee Sin. The result was a brief match that ended after only 21 minutes. Big statement for Sector One, bad news for KVM Esports.

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