Belgian League Week 8 Recap & Highlights

Monday 09/03

Week 8 of the Belgian delivered a lot of action thanks to important games for RSCA Esports, KVM Esports and Aethra Esports. Thanks to some weak results Aethra Esports can forget about play-offs, while KVM Esports and Brussels Guardians are still in the running for a spot. RSCA Esports was already able to snag a spot.

RSCA Esports took on Timeout Esports in the first game of the evening. They opted for a very aggressive composition with a Jarvan IV and a Fiora, while Timeout Esports took things slower with their Xayah-Rakan pick and a Maokai in top lane. RSCA Esports was able to secure a small lead, but Timeout Esports crawled back into the match after some smart fights. Late game got a lot more messy and we saw two Elder Dragons and two Barons picked up, but RSCA Esports eventually came out on top.

The match between KVM Esports and Aethra Esports was a very important one for both teams with play-offs in mind. KVM Esports took an early lead but Aethra Esports found a great fight around Dragon and firmly positioned themselves in the driver seat. KVM Esports never gave up and after a brutal fight in the mid lane Dreamzyy picked up a Quadra kill, allowing them to eventually end the game. KVM Esports is still in the play-off race, while things look grim for Aethra Esports. Their only chance to secure a play-off spot is by beating Sector One.

Sector One and Brussels Guardians finished up week 8 of the Belgian League. We saw a Caitlyn-Nami bot lane come out from Sector One in response to the Ezreal-Yuumi of Brussels Guardians. It became clear early that Sector One wasn’t holding back and they snowballed an early lead to a quick victory. Omer “Practice” Türgüt played a strong game for the foxes, as they remain undefeated.

Wednesday 11/03

On the final day (week 5 catchup) of the Belgian League three teams were still fighting for that one play-off spot. What we got was an all-out battle between KVM Esports, Aethra Esports and Brussels Guardians who all gave it their best. In the end it was KVM Esports that was able to secure a play-off spot, with Brussels Guardians and Aethra Esports claiming 5th and 6th place respectively.

Sector One took on Timeout Esports in a clash between the first and second placed team. Timeout Esports decided to try a different tactic and opted for more aggression and mobility with a Warwick in the jungle and a Zilean support. Things didn’t work out for Timeout Esports, as Sector One found an early lead through Omer “Practice” Türgüt on Ezreal. Maarten “Phoenix” Van Dyck also posed an effective split-pushing threat on the Mordekaiser, as Sector One secured another victory.

The battle between KVM Esports and Brussels Guardians was very important as both teams were still in play-off contention. KVM Esports was gifted a free Ornn pick which went to Robba, while Dreamzyy opted for Syndra in mid lane. Brussels Guardians put a Pantheon in mid lane and tried to fight the Ornn top lane with a Mordekaiser. We saw a balanced early game until KVM Esports started forcing fights around objectives, to which Brussels Guardians didn’t have an answer. KVM Esports took the Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor, eventually ending the game and securing a play-off spot if Sector One beat Aethra Esports (which they did).

That Sector One versus Aethra Esports match was over as quickly as it begun. Practice was able to secure the Ezreal again, which he used to lay waste to the entire line-up of Aethra Esports, facilitated by a very effective Dibu in the jungle. The game ended after only 17 minutes and shattered Aethra Esports’ hopes of making play-offs. Who can defeat this dominant Sector One?

In our final game of the evening Brussels Guardians took on RSCA Esports. Again Ornn was left open by Brussels Guardians and RSCA Esports picked it up. Brussels Guardians themselves opted for a Nocturne in the mid lane and a Senna-Tham Kench bot lane, which proved surprisingly effective. RSCA Esports got off to a rocky start and never recovered, allowing Brussels Guardians to take the game from them. Thanks to this victory Brussels Guardians ends the regular season in 5th place, while Aethra Esports was pushed to 6th.

Next week: PLAYOFFS