Summer Split Playoff #1 Recap & Highlights

The Belgian League reached play-offs and Sector One took on KVM Esports in a best-of-three match do decide who would go straight to the finals. The loser would have to face the winner of the match between Aethra Esports and Team 7AM to secure their spot.

In the first it was KVM Esports who found an early kill on Practice and took away the first Dragon from Sector One. Despite this, Sector One was able to secure a few kills of their own en took down the Rift Herald, leading to a small gold lead at 10 minutes. Sector One played controlled and careful, but secured the second Dragon and destroyed multiple turrets through strong macro play. Their gold lead kept growing and after a fight at 21 minutes they found three kills, leading to a Baron and a destroyed middle and bottom inhibitor a bit later. KVM Esports found a fight in the mid lane, taking down two members of Sector One, but their lead was too big. Sector One turned the fight around, took down KVM Esports and destroyed their base, winning the first game.

Sector One looked to build upon their performance in game 2, finding a quick first blood for Night and taking down the first Dragon. KVM Esports did find their footing, thanks to Sumi on Twisted Fate and Rechter on Aphelios, and held a small gold lead at 12 minutes. Both Rift Heralds went to KVM Esports, while Sector One held two Dragons already. KVM Esports took away Dragon number three and four and maintained their gold lead. Things went wrong went Sector One found a pick on support Vanhoof, leading to a Baron for them and three more kills. Sector One kept up the pressure in the upcoming minutes and after another won teamfight they also picked up the second Baron and the Mountain Soul. KVM Esports wasn’t able to effectively fight Sector One off and saw their base crumble, leading to another Sector One win. Sector One is our first finalist, while KVM Esports will face Aethra Esports or Team 7AM on Monday.

Next week matches: