Summer Split Playoff #2 Recap & Highlights

After Sector One secured a spot in the finals, Aethra Esports and Team 7AM still had to decide who went to the semi-finals. There the winner would face KVM Esports. To make things even more interesting: the winner of this match would also qualify themselves for Country Finals, so the stakes were high.

In the first match of the evening it was Aethra Esports who found the first kill, but Team 7AM answered quickly with a gank and an early Dragon. Aethra kept up the pressure to find two kills, finding themselves with a 1500 gold lead at ten minutes of play. Team 7AM secured the second and third Dragon to put themselves on soul point, but in the process they lost three players to Aethra, creating a 6000 gold deficit. Even though Team 7AM found a great fight in the mid lane through Yoni’s Karthus and picked up the Ocean Soul, they were simply too far behind. Aethra Esports secured the Baron and immediately found three kills, leaving Team 7AM unable to properly defend their base, resulting in a lost bot lane inhibitor. Aethra Esports took down the Elder Dragon and closed out the game after a sloppy teamfight.

In the second game Aethra Esports looked a lot more active, making sure to get the first two Dragons without much of a fight. The gold did stay mostly the same, but objective control went to Aethra for the most part. They put themselves on Soul Point later and also secured another Rift Herald. Team 7AM had to answer around the possible Mountain Soul, but lost the teamfight leading to Mountain Soul and Baron for Aethra. As the gold lead reached 7000 at the 25 minute mark, Aethra rolled into the base of Team 7AM, finding a final teamfight and closing out the game. Aethra Esports will meet KVM Esports in the semi-finals, while Team 7AM is now out of contention.

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