Summer Split Playoff Finals: Recap & Highlights

In the finals of the Belgian League Sector One and KVM Esports found themselves facing each other in the ultimate battle. The winner of the series would crown themselves as Summer Split Champions and would earn a play-in spot to the EU Masters tournament alongside €2500 in prize money.

Game 1

Sector One looked very strong early on with a lot of pressure in all lanes, finding an early Dragon while gold stayed mostly the same. KVM Esports was able to pick up two easy kills on Practice and Saviour, but Sector One countered with a kill on Flawed and a Rift Herald. Sector One was able to secure the second Dragon, which KVM Esports responded to with a Rift Herald of their own. KVM Esports found their rhytm and won a teamfight, resulting in their second Dragon. Things got messy for KVM Esports when Sector One took down Baron in a sneaky fashion, increasing their laning presence. Sector One started sieging the base of KVM Esports through the mid lane, resulting in a teamfight that was won by Sector One who were able to take down the Nexus shortly after. An early lead for Sector One in the finals.

Game 2

This time KVM Esports took a nice start with a quick kill by Rechter on his Ashe, finding themselves with a gold lead. Sector One responded by focusing on the Dragon, which they took down, and mid laner Night found two kills. When jungler Dibu took down two more members of KVM Esports, they saw their lead fade. KVM Esports sought a solution through top laner Robba and jungler Flawed in a game that was filled with action. Sector One took away the second Dragon and won a teamfight in the mid lane resulting in an ace later on. They started up Baron but KVM Esports stole it through support Duimelot. KVM Esports started taking down the base of Sector One but they were stopped prematurely by Night who found a Quadra Kill. They kept pushing however and eventually, after securing the second Baron, KVM Esports took down the Nexus of Sector One, equalizing the series 1-1.

Game 3

In game 3 KVM Esports started off aggressive, resulting in the first Dragon and Rift herald. They maintained their lead throughout the early game and kept winning small skirmishes, putting themselves on Soul Point after winning a big fight in the mid lane. KVM Esports looked like a completely different team to the one we saw in the first game. Sector One found a great fight in the river, finding themselves a much needed opening to snatch away the fourth Dragon from KVM Esports. Instead, KVM Esports looked to Baron, which they secured and used to pick up the Infernal Soul later. KVM Esports ended up waiting too long and Sector One pulled themselves back into the match through a brilliant kill on Rechter by top laner Phoenix, resulting in the Elder Dragon for Sector One. KVM Esports wasn’t able to hold off Sector One anymore and after a final fight, their base went down. Sector One reaches Match Point.

Game 4

Sector One got off to a great start in game 4 with a 3000 gold lead at the 10 minute mark, which they achieved by finding three early kills and utilising the Rift Herald. KVM Esports did pick up the first Dragon and after a teamfight the second Dragon also went to them. Sector One’s gold lead got out of control when they killed four members of KVM Esports around the third Dragon, which snowballed to a 9000 gold lead at 23 minutes. KVM Esports took down the Baron after fending off Sector One in the top lane and used that moment to pick up their third Dragon. Sector One answered quickly with a teamfight in the River, picking up the second Baron later. With one final push they destroyed the base of KVM Esports, crowning themselves as the Summer Split Belgian League Champions once more.