Summer Split Playoff Semi Finals: Recap & Highlights

As the Belgian League reached its semi-final, KVM Esports and Aethra Esports had to face off once more. The first team to win two games would move on to the finals, where they’d face current champion Sector One.

Both teams kept the balance early in the first game, but Aethra Esports was able to snatch the first Dragon from KVM Esports. KVM Esports reacted by picking up a Rift Herald but saw the second Dragon also go to Aethra Esports. First Blood only came 13 minutes into the match, when mid laner Sumi found a solo kill on Mikkel, followed by another kill for KVM Esports in the bot lane. Aethra Esports reacted by running towards the Rift Herald, but that gave KVM Esports the opportunity to pressure the lanes and pick up another turret. At the next Dragon, a fight was initiated by KVM Esports, which they won convincingly by picking up four kills and securing Baron afterwards. Their lead was almost too big for Aethra to respond and after a final fight in the base of Aethra Esports, KVM Esports won the first game.

In the second game KVM Esports found an early gold lead through their bot lane but Robba had a rough start up top. Aethra Esports took the first Dragon, but it was KVM Esports who had control over the game, picking up the second Dragon themselves and pressuring the lanes of Aethra. Jungler Flawed had an amazing game on Graves, nullifying the impact of Aethra jungler Goksi while providing more damage for his team. Aethra Esports lost four players after a fight in the mid lane which gave KVM Esports a free Baron followed by the Cloud Soul. That was the end for Aethra Esports, who saw KVM Esports push into their base to close out the game shortly after. KVM Esports moves on to the Grand Final, where they’ll face Sector One once more.

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