Summer Split Week 1 Recap & Highlights

It was a long wait but the Belgian League has finally returned for its Summer Split! Once more six teams will battle it out throughout the season to earn a spot in the play-offs, prize money and a chance to qualify for the European Masters!

The first match of the evening was the one between the winner of last split Sector One and Brussels Guardians, who placed fifth last time around. Sector One quickly took a lead through its jungler Dibu, who found two kills with his Graves. From then on out Sector One mostly played through its mid lane (Night) and jungle (Dibu), who kept on snowballing. After securing two Heralds the Baron also went to Sector One after only 21 minutes. From then on out Sector One never looked back and closed out the game with two strong teamfights. Sector One still looked as sharp as ever.

Then our two football clubs locked eyes, as RSCA Esports and KVM Esports battled it out. While RSCA Esports kept its roster in place, KVM Esports brought in some fresh blood with players such as mid laner Max “Sumi” de Beer and jungler Jordi “Flawed” Bust. We saw a classic RSCA composition, while KVM Esports picked a more scaling comp. After a failed invade from RSCA Esports both teams stayed even, until RSCA Esports showed its teamfighting prowess, leading to a 7000 gold lead and Baron at 25 minutes. KVM Esports’ comp took too long to get going and RSCA Esports closed out the game.

The match between Aethra Esports and Sector One was a much anticipated one, with Aethra Esports being named as a team that could possibly match Sector One after signing experienced players ADC Job “Slyv3r” Goosens and support Mick “Bardo” op den Akker. Sector One shattered these hopes early on as Dibu, once again, took control of the game on Lee Sin. Sector One took down three Dragons and secured a 7000 gold lead after only 18 minutes of play. 5 minutes later the match was over and Sector One finishes its first day of the Summer Split 2-0. Aethra Esports will have to bounce back next week.

To close things off RSCA Esports took on newcomer Team 7AM, who were eager to prove themselves. What we got was an extremely messy game filled with skirmishes and teamfights, while both teams stayed relatively even throughout the early game. RSCA Esports found an important kill after twenty minutes of play, as they took down 7AM jungler CutieKatie and found themselves picking up a free Baron afterwards. From there on RSCA Esports didn’t look back as they laid siege to Team 7AM’s base, picking up their second victory. RSCA Esports matches Sector One as they also end their first Summer Split day on a 2-0 record.

Next week matches: