Summer Split Week 2 Recap & Highlights

In the second week of matches in the Belgian League we saw some of the best League of Legends teams in the Benelux take each other on in a matchday filled with action and teams looking to prove themselves.

In the first game of the evening KVM Esports took on Aethra Esports, two teams who still had something to prove after a weak first day. Both teams started slowly, focussing on farm and map control. KVM Esports took control when we got towards the mid game with a strong teamfight, resulting in a 4000 gold lead at 15 minutes. Aethra wasn’t able to slow down KVM who were able to secure Baron at 22 minutes. KVM Esports ended the game shortly after and picked up a first win in a convincing victory.

Up next Brussels Guardians took on Belgian League newcomer Belgian League, with both teams still being scoreless. Team 7AM found two early kills but Brussels Guardians countered by picking up both Rift Heralds. Around Dragon things went sour for Brussels Guardians, when Yoni found a triple kill, resulting in a 6000 gold lead at 20 minutes. Team 7AM kept on pushing and secured the Ocean Soul and Baron, which accelerated the game. Brussels Guardians weren’t able to hold off the 7AM push, resulting in a first victory for the newcomers.

KVM Esports looked to upset Sector One after a very strong performance in their first game of the evening. After a relatively even game in the first ten minutes it was KVM Esports that found answers to Sector One’s composition, with important kills by mid laner Sumi and bot laner Rechter. Sector One fought themselves back into the game with important shutdowns and a Dragon. KVM Esports had a lead, but Sector One’s macro play looked cleaner. Eventually top laner Phoenix shone through on Camille, forcing a winning teamfight for Sector One and turning the tables on KVM Esports, resulting in Baron for Sector One. After a clean ace in the 37th minute, Sector One remained undefeated. KVM Esports came close to winning, though.

We ended the second week with the match between undefeated RSCA Esports and Brussels Guardians. Brussels Guardians found a lead thanks to mid laner Noxe en jungler Shamber, but RSCA Esports took away two Dragons. It looked like Brussels Guardians would run away with the game, but top laner KeABambi kept RSCA Esports in the game with strong teamfighting. Eventually Brussels Guardians found an important ace, which allowed them to cleanly siege and close out the match, dealing RSCA Esports their first loss of the season and picking up a first win of their own.

Next week matches: