Summer Split Week 3 Recap & Highlights

In the third week of the Belgian League we already had a lot to play for when it comes to play-offs. Aethra Esports went looking for its first victory it desperately needed, while Brussels Guardians and KVM Esports had the opportunity to prove themselves. Team 7AM had to look forward to a match against Sector One.

We started with the match between Aethra Esports and RSCA Esports, where it was Aethra that came out swinging against a traditional RSCA Esports team composition. It didn’t take long for Goksi on Lee Sin and Mikkel on LeBlanc to accumulate three kills each to acquire a sizeable lead after the early game. RSCA Esports came back into the game briefly after a fight around Dragon, but Aethra Esports never let go of their lead. After another won teamfight they picked up the Dragon Soul, Baron and Elder Dragon and closed out the game.

Newcomer Team 7AM faced the unbeaten Sector One in the second match of the evening. Team 7AM came out with no fear and managed to pick up a first kill, but was soon overshadowed by an individually stronger Sector One early. Team 7AM countered with the first Dragon, however. Sector One dominated the early game and ended up with a gold lead of 5000 after 15 minutes of play. After picking up the Baron only 20 minutes into the game and securing some more kills, Sector One finished the job without too many issues, remaining unbeaten.

Aethra Esports, after picking up a win in their first match, faced Brussels Guardians. Both teams were looking for a second victory. Aethra Esports arguably had a stronger draft and started strong with a kill, while Brussels Guardians took away the first Dragon. The game suffered from low momentum, with both teams playing the scaling game. After Brussels Guardians picked up the Mountain Soul, Aethra Esports had to wait on the Elder Dragon before making a move. Aethra did give Brussels Guardians too many space, which resulted in a Baron for them. Trying to force a fight, Goksi engaged Brussels Guardians but Aethra Esports was wiped out in the fight that ensued. Brussels Guardians closed out the game shortly after, putting their record at 2-2 while Aethra Esports keep struggling.

The matchday ended with KVM Esports and Team 7AM who both had a 1-2 record going into the game. KVM Esports dominated the game early and took control of the objectives. 15 minutes into the game they held a 4000 gold lead and picked up the Mountain Soul a while later. At 27 minutes KVM Esports was able to secure the Baron, which left Team 7AM unable to defend themselves. The result was a dominant victory for KVM Esports, who make a strong case for a play-off spot.

Next week matches: