Summer Split Week 4 Recap & Highlights

In the third week of the Belgian League only three games were played, but each game was still very important for the standings. KVM Esports took on Brussels Guardians in a battle for second place while Aethra Esports and Team 7AM fought to get out of last place.

In the match between Sector One and RSCA Esports we saw a creative draft coming out from RSCA, with an AP Kog’Maw in the mid lane. It was Sector One that got ahead early and found an early gold lead, despite the fact that RSCA Esports picked up the first two Dragons. The game quickly spiraled out of control for RSCA as Sector One simply picked up the pace and forced RSCA back into their base. From there on the game was over after Sector One sieged the RSCA base. Sector One wins once more and has now won 20 games in a row.

Next up Aethra Esports and Team 7AM waged a battle to escape the doomed last place in the standings. The early game went relatively even as neither team found an advantage, shying away from risks. Eventually Aethra Esports found a gold lead through strong individual play, but Team 7AM stayed in the game due to an important won teamfight. Aethra Esports kept on finding smaller victories around the map and eventually forced a fight around Dragon in which they found an Ace. The game ended shortly after. Aethra Esports moves up to fifth place, while Team 7AM gets left behind at sixth.

KVM Esports and Brussels Guardians was the featured matchup for a good reason, as both teams were duking it out to get into second place. KVM Esports led early but Brussels Guardians played it’s traditional scaling game in a rather uneventful start to the game with a lot of focus on objectives. KVM Esports secured the Ocean Soul before Brussels Guardians could and KVM looked to Baron after killing three Brussels Guardians members, which they were able to kill. The game slowed down considerably until the next Baron, which was this time stolen by Brussels Guardians. They would also pick up Elder Dragon shortly after. Brussels Guardians pushed to end the games but they waited too long as their buffs ran out. KVM Esports was able to save their Nexus and in a final push, destroyed the one of Brussels Guardians, winning the game.

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