Summer Split Week 5 Recap & Highlights

The Summer Split of the Belgian League is halfway and all teams are still in the running for a play-off spot. In the fifth week Sector One could secure a place for themselves while KVM Esports was out for revenge for their first week loss against RSCA Esports.

RSCA Esports and Team 7AM were the first two teams to play, with RSCA looking to the early game with its composition while Team 7AM wanted to take it to the late game. It was Team 7AM that came out strong and secured the first two Dragons thanks to jungler CutieKatie, who also picked up three kills on his Wukong. Team 7AM took home the Cloud Soul at 23 minutes and had a 2000 gold lead on RSCA. After picking up kills in the mid lane 7AM went after Baron, securing it and moving on to Elder Dragon as well. Moments later the game was over as RSCA Esports was unable to defend their base. Team 7AM took home its second victory of the split, while RSCA Esports seems to be in a downward spiral.

Up next were Sector One and Aethra Esports, where we saw Phoenix play Hecarim into Tuomari’s Wukong. Things started out pretty even but Aethra Esports found a slight lead an had three Dragons to its name after 23 minutes of play. Aethra Esports looked the stronger team and secured the Infernal Soul, while Sector One struggled, most notably Practice and Dibu. Sector One was able to hang on but lost the Baron to Aethra after 36 minutes and after a brief dance around Elder Dragon Aethra Esports was able to wipe out Sector One. Aethra found four kills, ended the game end with that also ended Sector One’s twenty game winning streak.

RSCA Esports took on KVM Esports in the third game of the evening. RSCA found a first kill and two Dragons, together with a small gold lead at about 12 minutes into the game. Things went wrong however as RSCA Esports overstayed their welcome in KVM Esports’ jungle, where Robba was able to find two kills on his Darius. Thanks to a great kill on Findus KVM Esports took down a quick and uncontested Baron, amping up the pressure. That pressure transitioned into a second Baron down the line after which RSCA Esports was unable to stop the siege. KVM Esports get their revenge against RSCA Esports and are looking to hold on to their second place in the Belgian League. RSCA Esports lost both their game and are now in serious trouble in the standings.

Sector One closed out the evening in a match against Brussels Guardians. Both teams started out pretty evenly but Sector One secured a lead through macro play and strong individual performances, systematically denying Brussels Guardians resources. After 20 minutes the gold lead had grown to a sizeable 8000 gold, which left Brussels Guardians without options. Sector One makes a statement and closes out the game in convincing fashion, rebounding from their loss against Aethra Esports.

Next week matches: