Summer Split Week 6 Recap & Highlights

The sixth week of the belgian League was an intense one. KVM Esports took on both Sector One and Aethra Esports, the number one and number three team respectively. Brussels Guardians faced two important matches against Team 7AM and RSCA Esports, possibly deciding their play-off fate.

The first match was the one between Brussels Guardians and Team 7AM. After a calm start it was Team 7AM that first acquired a lead by winning multiple teamfights and securing two early Dragons. Brussels Guardians kept struggling during teamfights, while Team 7AM kept control over objectives and secured a Mountain Soul after only 23 minutes. Team 7AM ran to Baron while Brussels Guardians was unable to stop them. After a quick fight Brussels Guardians was wiped out, with Team 7AM running into their base and ending the game. Team 7AM is still in play-off contention, but things are looking more dire for Brussels Guardians.

KVM Esports took on Sector One in the second match of the evening. Sector One quickly found a lead, especially in their bot lane, despite KVM Esports securing first blood in the top tane. Sector One played fast, securing three Dragons in the span of only 16 minutes, with Cloud Soul at 21. It was KVM Esports that took down Baron however, followed by the Elder Dragon, but Sector One still had all their turrets intact and their waves were pushing. Eventually KVM Esports got caught out of position, which resulted in an Elder Dragon for Sector One. After some dancing around Baron Sector One found an opening and pushed inside the base of KVM Esports, securing a victory. A strong Sector One macro-wise, but KVM Esports made them fight hard for it.

Match 3 was between Brussels Guardians and RSCA Esports, who haven’t won a game for five matches in a row. Both teams went even early on and not that much happened in the first twenty minutes, which is rare for an RSCA game, except for Saitam picking up four kills on his Swain and getting fed. RSCA Esports took down the first three Dragons and found a lead, but Brussels Guardians found themselves back in the game after some great plays by mid laner Noxe on Corki. Things didn’t last however because Noxe made a huge mistake facechecking their jungle, which RSCA Esports punished. Without damage on their side Brussels Guardians gave up a second Baron and Elder Dragon which led to their base being destroyed. RSCA Esports is still fighting for a play-off spot after today’s win, but Brussels Guardians seem to be out of the race after a hopeful start to the split.

Closing things out were KVM Esports and Aethra Esports in a battle for second place. Things went wrong fast for Aethra when KVM Esports found three kills in their bot lane, but they got back up and the gold was even 15 minutes into the match. Aethra took control of the game after a great teamfight, thanks to Mikkel on Orianna who played great, after which KVM Esports lost four players. KVM Esports retaliated by picking up Baron, followed by a great teamfight, a shutdown on Mikkel and destroying the middle inhibitor. The second Baron also went to KVM Esports and baited Aethra into believing they were taking Dragon but they ran straight to their base. Robba cancelled the backs of multiple Aethra players, giving KVM Esports enough time to close out the match. KVM Esports stays in second place, while Aethra Esports will still have to find some wins to be completely sure of play-off participation.

Next week matches: