Summer Split Week 7 Recap & Highlights

Week 7 of the Belgian League once more delivered when it comes to action. Aethra Esports and Team 7AM both played two matches and both teams could, if they won, secure their playoff spot. Team 7AM faced Sector One and KVM Esports, while Aethra Esports took on Brussels Guardians and RSCA Esports.

Team 7AM and KVM Esports played the first match. It was KVM Esports who secured the first two Dragons, but Team 7AM was able to pick up the first turret and first blood. KVM Esports built a lead that reached 2000 gold after playing 20 minutes. This lead got even bigger when KVM Esports found an ace on Team 7AM, which put them on Soul Point shortly after. Another fight went the way of KVM in the mid lane, leading to a free Baron. KVM Esports moved towards the Ocean Dragon where Team 7AM engaged on them in a final effort to flip the game, but KVM Esports came out victorious and ended the game shortly after.

Up next it was Aethra Esports and Brussels Guardians taking each other on. Both teams stayed relatively even early on, but Aethra put the ball in their corner by picking up the first Dragon and First Blood. The gold lead kept growing for Aethra and after a strong fight they put themselves on Soul Point 18 minutes into the game. Brussels Guardians struggled in teamfights and after losing another one, things looked dire when Aethra picked up Baron and Infernal Soul. After slowing down the game Aethra Esports found the Elder Dragon and calmly ended the match, crushing Brussels Guardians’ playoff hopes.

Then Team 7AM faced Sector One, where Team 7AM found an early First Blood through the Nunu of Henk. The first two Dragons also went to Team 7AM. Sector One secured a gold lead through strong individual and macro play, but Team 7AM hung on by putting themselves on Soul Point. After 24 minutes Sector One gave up the Cloud Soul to Team 7AM in exchange for a Baron, after which it looked like Sector One would finish the game. Team 7AM was able to steal away the Elder Dragon and picked up the Baron, after which the game turned into an extremely intense base race. In one of the most exciting finishes in the Belgian League ever, Team 7AM destroyed Sector One’s Nexus first, winning the game and putting themselves in a great position to go to playoffs.

Closing out the day were Aethra Esports and RSCA Esports in an extremely chaotic game. Aethra Esports quickly found a lead and the first two Dragons, while RSCA Esports wasn’t able to really fight back as we’re used to. After a fight in the mid lane Aethra Esports picked up the Ocean Soul and moved on to Baron, putting the pressure on the base of RSCA Esports. While RSCA Esports was busy defending, Aethra picked up Elder Dragon and the second Baron, after which the game ended rather quickly. Aethra Esports can look forward to playoffs, while RSCA Esports has to defeat Sector One next week if they still want to have a chance to reach playoffs.

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