Summer Split Week 8 Recap & Highlights

Week 8 of the Belgian League is over and our teams move on to playoffs next week. After this week’s results those teams turned out to be Sector One, KVM Esports, Aethra Esports and Team 7AM. RSCA Esports and Brussels Guardians miss out on playoffs this Summer Split.

Our week started off with the match between Brussels Guardians, who were already out of contention, and KVM Esports. KVM Esports was dominant early on, acquiring a 4000 gold lead at 15 minutes, two Dragons and a Rift Herald. Brussels Guardians denied them the third Dragon, but jungler Flawed got more and more fed for KVM Esports and they eventually put themselves on Soul Point anyway. After a teamfight KVM Esports found three kills, picked up Ocean Soul and took down Baron. The game ended fast after that, when KVM Esports found the ace after a brilliant flank by Robba on Gnar. KVM Esports ends the group stage in second place.

Then Team 7AM took on Aethra Esports. If they were able to win, they’d be sure of their playoff spot, otherwise they’d be at the mercy of RSCA Esports. Team 7AM started strong, picking up a first Dragon and Rift Herald, but Aethra kept gold equal by strong laning performances. The second Dragon also went to Team 7AM and they found a small gold lead, but things went wrong. Around the Dragon Pit they lost the Dragon to Aethra and suffered two kills. The fight moves to the mid lane shortly after, with Team 7AM once again losing out in the teamfight, leading to a broken Nexus and a won game for Aethra Esports. Team 7AM had to hope RSCA Esports would lose to Sector One, Aethra Esports remained in third place.

Closing out the week were Sector One and RSCA Esports. RSCA Esports had to win, drafted their traditional comp and picked up an early First Blood. Things went downhill from there as Sector One found individual leads all around in their winning lanes, alongside an early Dragon and Herald. Saitam of RSCA Esports got fed on his Kai’Sa, but he wasn’t able to have enough of an impact, as Sector One looked stronger in the teamfights. After 20 minutes of play, they held a 4000 gold lead. Sector One put themselves on Soul Point and after finding an ace on RSCA Esports they also got a free Baron, which was used to end the game. No playoffs for RSCA Esports, while Sector One confirms they’re still the favourites to win it all.

Next week matches: